We at Syscom service are specialized in all aspects of computer technology.

We have a high quality BGA replacement machine (MARTIN) German make to provide BGA services like replacements, reflow & reballing.

Our strengths are in our wide variety of offering that allow our clients to look to us as one-stop center that services all of their technology needs.
The most common laptop repairs are:
Laptop Keyboard Repair
BGA replacement facility / reflow & reballing
LCD Screen or inverter Repair / Replacement
Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
Laptop Motherboard Repair or Replacement
Hard drive failures
Optical Drive failures
Memory Upgrades
Laptop Maintenance and cleaning services.
Laptop Tune Up for speed and performance.
BGA Rework Station
Made of high quality heating material; Desoldering and soldering procedures of BGA are Precisely controlled.
Auto-generated profile, no need to adjust or change temperature on the profile.
Air flow and temperature are adjustable in a wide range to produce high temperature breeze
Movable heating head, easy to operated.
Touch screen interface; 3 heaters; Real-time temperature curve display on touch screen.
Embedded industrial computer, PLC control; Able to display set profile curves and testing profile curve at the same time; Can analyze the profile and compare with the history saved profiles.
8 segments of temperature up(down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, profiles saving unlimited
The height of nozzle on the lower hot air heater is adjustable
Buzz after soldering or desoldering is finished
With different alloy hot gas nozzles, easy to replace. It could be tailored as per the specific Requirements.
The whole bottom IR preheating area can move along with X axis, so as to meet the need of different BGA repair and bigger size PCB.
we can reflow and reball any chip
Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Services
Broken laptop Rework Solutioon
Laptop Hinges Rework Solution
Original & Compitable Batteries for Laptop
Original & Compitable Adapters for Laptop
Broken Laptop Display Screen Replacement
Up Gradation of Hard Disk Drive & Ram
Pick & Drop Facility available for
Laptop Service
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